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My photography explores areas in Kent, Ohio composing of industrial, aged, natural, and complex qualities. I am drawn to intricate industrial, architectural, and natural forms occurring in the 3D realm of life and transcribing them into a two-dimensional composition.


The industrial nature of my photos reflect a once heavily-trafficked area now at a quiet standstill of overgrowth, overabundance of rustic development, and withering materials. I am drawn to these forgotten pockets of a life once utilized. I am more-so drawn to how such degraded and uninhabited areas can provide a pleasing homeostasis of form, color, and lineage elements into a singular composition. These photos lack any sort of physical human interaction; I am capturing the elegance of these areas in their dormant stage. The once purposeful areas have exhausted their usable potential throughout the years and now exist for a new artistic purpose.

The natural side of my photographs delves into fantastic lighting alongside rich colors which are only activated through dramatic sunrises and sunsets. I find a pleasing amount of beautiful color found in smooth gradients in the sky extending from horizon to beyond. 

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